MRP Home South Africa

Furniture Terms and Conditions

  1. Product Guarantee Policy

    1. The terms and conditions of the guarantee are only valid with a proof of purchase.
    2. Guarantees are only applicable to items that have been used in a domestic environment and will not apply to items used for commercial purposes.
    3. Certain furniture is covered by an external manufacturer's warranty - please refer to the relevant items warranty documentation for the warranty and exchange/ refund information.
  2. Upholstered furniture

    1. Upholstered furniture such as sofas and chairs are guaranteed for one year from date of delivery/ collection in respect of the frame, craftsmanship and filling.
    2. Sofa Care instructions (as per the sofa care guide) must be adhered to for the guarantee to remain in place.
    3. The guarantee does not extend to the fabric used to upholster the item as this is subject to normal wear and tear associated with domestic use. It also does not cover the fabric colour fading or changing due to light exposure.
  3. Timber

    1. Timber products are guaranteed for one year from the date of delivery.
    2. The guarantee does not extend to normal wear and tear associated with domestic use and/ or natural wood effects or characteristic imperfections such as minor cracking, shrinkage and changes in colour over time.
    3. This guarantee does not extend to an item that has been left outdoors unless it is clearly indicated on the packaging of the product that it may be left outdoors with no cover.
  4. Delivery and collection policy (Home Delivery option is not applicable to Mr Price Home stores outside of South African borders)

    1. Furniture is delivered to the customer's home via a courier service to the front door only (of the ground floor). The delivery fee is determined in relation to delivery distance from our depot to the delivery address. A single delivery fee will be charged regardless of the number of items purchased in one transaction, subject to the maximum delivery space available within the delivery vehicle.
    2. The customer must ensure that the furniture item/s will fit through entrances, doorways, lifts and stairwells, and that these routes are clear of obstructions for delivery. We do not hoist goods onto balconies. (Furniture measurements are available online or from store associates).
    3. The courier will only deliver to the specified delivery address (as per the order documentation delivery instructions), and the authorised person to receive the delivery.
    4. The courier will contact the customer within 72 hours to arrange delivery at a time convenient for the customer on any weekday between the hours of 8am and 5pm. No deliveries will be made during weekends or public holidays.
    5. When the courier contacts the customer to arrange delivery, the customer must notify the courier of the level that the property is on, e.g.: Ground Floor, Level 1, etc.
    6. If the furniture item/s needs to be carried above ground floor level of which the maximum being 5 floors, the customer must liaise with the couriers to do so and sign proof of receipt/delivery prior to item/s being delivered to requested floor. The courier will counter-sign as acceptance of the customer's request to carry the items above ground floor. Mr Price Home and the couriers will not be held responsible for any losses or damage incurred during delivery that may result due to non-compliance by the customer.
    7. All furniture delivered from the DC will be sealed in its original packaging.
    8. The person receiving the item/s will be required to sign the proof of receipt/delivery to indicate that each item has been received undamaged and sealed in its original packaging.
    9. Should the item be damaged or the packaging not be in place, this must be indicated on the delivery document and the courier representative and the person receiving the item must both sign the delivery document to this effect. If the item is damaged it will be returned to Mr Price Home by the courier.
    10. Mr Price Home cannot be held liable under its guarantee policy for any damages that are apparent at the time of acceptance of delivery that was not indicated on the delivery document by the customer.
    11. Mr Price Home is not liable for any damages caused by the courier's delivery vehicle to the customer's residence.
  5. Exchange and returns policy

    1. Any unused furniture item returned sealed in its original packaging and in the purchase condition within 30 days from date of delivery can be exchanged or the purchase price refunded subject to the proof of purchase being presented by the customer. If the item was delivered by courier (and is furniture or large homeware) the item must be returned by courier. The customer will be debited the amount charged by the courier from the refund amount.
    2. Should the item purchased be subject to a manufacturer defect OR
      1. Should an item assembled by the store or at the customer's residence, be found to be faulty or the item does not comply with the description given on the packaging once assembled OR
      2. Should a customer choose to assemble their own item and it does not comply with the description given on the packaging with regards to item; components or assembly instructions, and the item is returned in the original packaging (where possible), within 180 days (6 months) of purchase (proof of purchase is required), Mr Price Home will repair or replace the item at no charge once it has been returned to the store (only if the item was collected from the store by the customer) or via courier to Mr Price Home's delivery depot (if the item/s was delivered this way). Mr Price Home will arrange for the item to be collected via courier, at no cost to the customer, if the item was originally delivered by courier.
      3. Mr Price Home cannot be held liable if the customer has erroneously assembled the item/s thus damaging the item.
    3. Store purchases will be refunded in the same form of payment tender made by the customer. The customer has the option of receiving Mr Price Home gift vouchers instead of a refund should they elect to do so. Online purchases can only be refunded by cheque deposit or voucher.
    4. The exchange and refunds policy does not apply to mattresses unless the item/s returned is due to a manufacturer defect.
    5. Mr Price Home reserves the right for a company appointed or manufacturer representative to inspect the item before a refund, repair or replacement is considered. Photographs of the defect, to confirm the defect may be requested before the item is collected by the courier.
    6. No shop-soiled items that have been reduced to clear will be accepted for refund or return.
  6. Orders placed in store

    1. Full payment is required before a home delivery is couriered to the customer.