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  • stoneware

    Bring a contemporary style into your kitchen and home with our new modern collection

  • glazed

    Add a touch of rustic charm to your dinnerware collection! Get this gorgeous set of glazed stoneware crockery (dishwasher and microwave safe!)

  • printed

    This stunningly unique printed crockery collection welcomes home a floral flair. Plus it's dishwasher and microwave safe, what a win!

16 Piece Frosted Tube Cutlery Set


cutlary desktop cutlary mobile
  • Vanila cream

    Dreamy, creamy and warm. A comforting rich vanila scent to calm your nerves

  • magnolia

    Sweet, floral, and fruiy. A comforting rich vanila scent to calm your nerves

  • ocean

    Fresh and crispy; it's a salty seaside scent. A beachy aromatic dream in a candle!

  • rain

    Don't wait for a thunderstorm to smell the rain as it soaks the earth. Just light a candle!

  • blossom

    Fresh,versatike and floral. It's a scent that will put a spring in your step.

  • ylang ylang

    A rich aroma with a sweet floral side. Hints of jasmine, honey, spice and all things nice!

  • cranberry

    Fresh and fun, this cranberry fragrance has hints of blackcurrant and cinnamon.

  • clementine

    A zeasty scent with bursts of clementine and sweet orange. A delightful feast of fragrance.

Something comfy, something new we’ve got something for you too.

There’s no doubt your bedroom should be the cosiest room in your home; after all, it’s the place you rest your head every night. So crisp sheets are in order.

Furniture under R1000