we do good.

Our sustainability journey is anchored in the very purpose of the business - to add value to the lives of our customers and worth to our partners’ lives, while caring for the communities and environment in which we operate.

Together We Do Good

southern african

100% Southern African cotton is used in manufacturing our chenille towels.

Cotton Cluster

less plastic,
more fantastic

As part of our journey to reduce the amount of plastic impacting o‌n the environment, we have started removing the plastic packaging from our duvet covers and curtains.

It will take some time to reduce all of the plastic wrap packaging from our duvet covers, but we’re on the right path to doing what is right for the planet.

Less Plastic More Fantastic

recycle in
your sleep.

Our hollow fibre duvet inners are made from recycled plastic fibres. Reduce, reuse, recycle, rest easy. 100% feel good for the planet.

Recycle in your sleep

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