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If you’re a small business in South Africa, apply for your mrphome “you’re the business” (YTB) membership and get discounts* when you buy in bulk from our mrphome stores, online or the MRP app.

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% off

on all purchases from R2000 to R9999


% off

on all purchases above R10 000


Why join our “YTB” membership?

If you’re a small business in South Africa, here are some reasons why you should apply for a
you’re the business (YTB) membership so you can benefit from discounts* when you buy in bulk from our
mrphome stores, online or on our MRP app.

Bulk buys for less

MRP Home currently offers your business two discount tiers on our YTB membership program. Get 5% off purchases between R2000 - R9999. Get 10% off for purchases over R10000.

Shop anywhere, anytime

As a business, we understand that your time is valuable. Now you can shop in store, online and on our app using your YTB membership.

More bang for your buck!

Shopping online means you will benefit from our product promos as well as any sitewide offers that are exclusive to our site and app.

Create an online profile

When you have an online profile, it makes signing up easier. What’s more, as soon as your business is approved, you can start shopping online with your discount before your card arrives!

Order Lists

Shopping online has many benefits. Within your profile, you are able to create order lists which is much like an online shopping list. This makes it easier to add all your favourite items to your bag in one go! Quick & easy, saving you time and money.

Quick buy

Quick buying allows you to enter a product SKU in your YTB profile. This will instantly tell you how much stock is available online. Then simply adjust your quantity and add all items to your bag in one swift move. That’s neat!

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Need gift vouchers in bulk?

As a YTB cardholder, you’ll be happy to hear that you also qualify for your membership discounts when you purchase gift vouchers in bulk!

You decide the denomination, how many vouchers you need and how regularly you would like to purchase. Simple!

For more information on gift vouchers, please view our FAQ's.

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Got Questions?

Have a quick read through some of our YTB FAQ’s below

Need to ask us something more specific? Email us at [email protected]
For queries outside of business hours, please contact customer care at [email protected]

For full terms & conditions on our you’re the business memberships please read more